Shadetree, or “The Jewel of Oakland”, as it has come to be known, is an historically and culturally rich property, perhaps the most unique in Oakland. It was purchased in 1979 by Robert A Schultz, a long-time pillar of Oakland who once worked for the city, lending his talents and character to such local institutions as Children’s Fairyland, the Oakland Zoo and OMCA.


Home Sweet Home

Over the past 38 years, Schultz has invited artists and tradespeople of all kinds to make Shadetree their home. The original industrial structures of the property have been augmented with salvaged architectural bits from Oakland’s history, as each resident carved out a piece of the land here and made it their own. The result is one of Oakland’s longest-running live-work spaces.

A quote from Schultz or resident expressing Shadetree growth over the years.
— John Smith, Shadetree resident since 2002