The SHADE Mission

Our goal is not only to secure our home and preserve this historical monument to creative living and Oakland ingenuity, but to share what we have learned along the way—to educate and assist those looking to take matters into their own hands when their home is threatened.  We have recently published a photo book, thanks to Oakland artist Constance Hockaday, which documents our 38 years of existence.  Contact Us for more information or to order a copy.

We have also been documenting the lengthy process of purchasing the property.  We have made excellent contacts within the city government and private sector and are well-poised to become a much-needed case study for tenants looking to come together, engage with their community, and secure housing which is affordable and suitable to their lifestyles. 

Help us reach new potential supporters

Somewhere out there is an organization or individual looking to make a direct impact in Oakland in the areas of affordable housing, artist live-work spaces and cultural heritage preservation.  Maybe it's someone you know.  Tell them about us!  Shadetree represents all of these important issues and sits squarely in the impending shadow of Oakland’s Brooklyn Basin project, a massive $1.5B condominium development project which has been met with mixed reviews from the Oakland community, to say the least.  We believe that purchasing and preserving Shadetree has the potential to spark much more innovative development practices here on the Oakland waterfront than what is currently being proposed.  For those with a philanthropic heart, Shadetree is an excellent story to be a part of.

Questions?  Want to help?

We have a lot of work to do in the coming months and welcome all lovers of Shadetree who want to lend a helping hand.  For more information on what lay ahead and how we got here, please email us at or call (312) 404-6204.